Episode 102 – Swimming in Pink

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, Games, Life, and everything in between!

Here we go with this week’s episode and Dave steals Dylan’s pre-roll! Day light has been saved, Weeder anxiety, Dylan attempts to be a Sleep Dealer & the tale of the unwanted drummer, Shreddin’ Ukes, OK Boomer, Sexy Assault, No Nut November is still a thing, We plan Dylan’s ski trip, Markendeya’s Indecent Proposal, Anime Tank broads, Jeff is cancelled, Jay’s tactical dodge, Super Umm Bros Volume 2, Extra Life 2019 recap,  “Not for Human Context, “Look at This”, “Voicemails” & More! Slide into some epsiode 102.

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Featured Band: Sleep Dealer