Episode 104 – Away Team Riker

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, Games, Life, and everything in between!

Turkey week is here and you know you would rather listen to this instead of hanging with family. Two years of episodes, One year anniversary of meeting the Roast Mortem bois,  Dave and Dylan do Drunken Peasants, The salt of Wormsign still lingers, is Baby Yoda the new Jar Jar? Yoda Fucks. Episode 1 of Dilly’s Spigot Minute, No Nut November update, Tech issues, Beard tips, Don’t fart up Jay’s yard, Fisting Shrimp, Mega PC has been built, Surpise Cummies, Deep Fake Dave, “Out of Context”, “Look at This”, “Voicemails” & More! This is the way.

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