Episode 32: Grapefruiting The Stone

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! This week Steven Poff from “There Can Be Only One Podcast” joins us to talk about their upcoming gaming tournament and to discuss Robocop 2. Matt hates men in flip flops, a gas station struggleburger, Electric Forest, A bad trip on mushrooms, Mark Zuckerborg and Steven Jobs’ force ghost, Allan is the Sheriff Joe of Facebook friend requests, Dylan’s story about trying to better himself, The best mullet nicknames, Triggered by short jokes, Giving dogs boners and jerking off ferrets, Belt sanding your face off, Matt’s our built-in laugh track, That definitely wasn’t Bill Cosby on Google, Allan calls into Thought Cops, Reconstituting powdered cum, Koko The Gorilla was overrated, sending ragequitters the video of there loss and getting blocked, Anniversary celebrations are getting ridiculous, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring grapefruits (Thanks, Bill!) and misogynistic Alex Jones, Dylan reluctantly reviews Steven Poff’s FAVORITE movie “Robocop 2”, “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?”, Dave wants to talk to our new Russian listeners, and finally some amazing voicemails. We close out the show with a track by I, Pariah called “Declaration”.

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Thought Cops

Grapefruit Technique

Everything Wrong With “A New Hope”

Ben Shapiro DEBUNKS Eve’s #METOO Story

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