Episode 39: The One About The Contest

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! We kick off this week with one dollar gas station shots and a memorial for Dylan’s lost beard. We’re battling in the first-ever “SUPER Podcast Champion Edition Turbo” against the Thought Cops podcast! The winner will get a place on the C.U.N.T. (‘C’ ‘U’ Next Tuesday) Network. To hear the fight go down, tune into episode 115 of The Dick Show. There will be a listener voting system in place and the link will be available on Facebook, The NFHC Facebook Group, Twitter, and Patreon… so keep an eye out and VOTE NFHC! More on the second round of The Terrain Race, Allan picks fights with D-list celebrities on Twitter, Pre-prohibition Four Loko, Matt knows how to fix mistakes, Alex Jones gets banned from the internet and we touch on social media TOS vs. Free speech, An answer to the garlic challenge, “The Davening” happens, Sabotaging the bar jukebox, Field dressing a gash, Dylan and Jim Jefferies, An ally turns into an enemy and we shred them… though a disclaimer must be given, late-onset anxiety and your teeth’s personalities. “Hey, Look at This!” that proves we are the southwest’s #1 source of genital slapping. “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?” featuring Hayden Christensen and some very weird TED talks. Seattle takes over “Wittmann Breaking News” as we talk about the guy who stole a plane and did a back-flip before going nose down. Finally, some excellent voicemails. Mega Ran closes out the show with their track “Wily.”

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