Episode 43: Apex Hosting

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! The original doctor on “The Next Generation” use to be hot, The Rubber Bandit’s song continues to haunt Dave, The art of “road cucking”, Football season has started and Dave isn’t amused, Doing math with presidential terms, Djembes aren’t cool, Old people should snort salt, The deaths of Mac Miller and Burt Reynolds, Allan explains how to maximize drinking for free in Nevada, The Destiny 2 raid team is getting back together, Paramotoring might be a bad idea, NFHC’s official kypto-currency “BitKev” is in the works, Discovering “Amish Style”, Creating a hard George, Matt nearly dies from dirty dick hands, Battlefield V beta doesn’t impress and EA censored “white man” from the in-game chat, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring the “you can do anything” kid, a spicy campaign ad from Minnesota, more English lessons from Japan, a crackhead singing Bump ‘n Grind, an old lady talking shit, and an animal cover of “Enjoy The Silence”. There will be a poll in the NFHC Facebook Group this week to determine which movie Dylan watches next. Lastly, we put “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?” on the shelf this week in order to answer all of the incredible voicemails that came in. Closing out the show this week is Loya with his track “Glassboy”.

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Crackhead singing “Bump’n Grind”

District 18a campaign ad

English Lesson

Call The Judge and Get Some Fudge

Animal Cover of “Enjoy The Silence”