Episode 44: Speedbagging The Cow Box

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! This is the biggest episode yet and none of us know why. Allan still wants to snort The Rhino, Paramotoring with a red Star Fleet uniform on, The Kevin collection continues to grow, Dylan gives up on Las Vegas Tinder and replaces it with Destiny 2, Mansplaining why you have to manspread, Sabotaging drop ceilings, Allan’s not as fat as he’s made out to be, Do we say “Travesty” too much?, Matt binge watches paramotoring accidents, Pulling off a sneaky AR-15 purchase, The search is officially on for a good Tim, The NFHC Facebook Group voted for Dylan to review “Point Break (1991)” this week; Join the group to vote on next week’s movie!, “Hey, Look at This!” features the sound of a cow climaxing and lactating,  a man making himself pass out from rage, A super weird Japanese Domino’s commercial, And a kid that would never waste diamonds. “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?” makes a triumphant return featuring Sarah Palin discussing immigration and speaking “American”, a woman that wants to be paralyzed, and a Bishop claiming that he didn’t know pedophilia was illegal. Lastly, but not leastly, an absolute ton of great voicemails. We close out the show with a BRAND NEW track from The Ocean called “Permian: The Great Dying”.

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The Ocean

Dinka Tribe Making Cows Lactate and Bathing In Cow Urine

Arch Bishop on Child Sex Crimes

The Best Reality Show Exit Ever

Japanese Domino’s App Ad