Episode 5: Gluten Free

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. This week, we talk about Dave failing at promotion and forgetting what his own band sounds like, The Arizona Metal Awards aftermath, A Walmart trip for vegetarian food, Who was a nerd first, Anti-Net Neutrality warriors, Memes are more important than clean drinking water, Someone steals a slice of pizza, Dylan’s Ghostbusters Review and continued movie discussion, Dave wants to go to space just to smoke “whiskey”, Cables cause cancer, ‘Millering’ The mic is a new phrase, The $100 fitness challenge, Sleeveless shirts, Dave’s tip, We play an awkward interview from Brad Archuleta, and Squeezing out tonsil stones. Bear Ghost closes out this week’s episode.

BONUS: Friends of the show Nathan and Martin join us to play NBA Jam and talk about Brad Archuleta flaking out on the show last minute.

Dylan’s movie homework this week: Aliens
Next week’s guest: Asterios Kokkinos

Bear Ghost: https://www.facebook.com/bearghostattacks

Find Nathan playing/touring with Singularity Alterbeast and Arkaik