Episode 50: Transporter Abortions

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! George is back to frack this week for a monumental Episode 50! There are no toilets on starships, so where does all that shit go?  Allan almost gives an apology for last week, comically large mugs and the decimation of the keg, a hot week in the NFHC Facebook Group ends with multiple Zucc’s, “Bavid Dernier”, Cave exploring and molestation, “Mushrupials” take ahold of Dylan,  George gives us a *spicy* “Shiver Me Tinders” while Dylan purposely strikes out, Surviving the upcoming Mercury in Gatorade, a co-worker almost dies in Las Vegas, NFHC On Twitch and Youtube streaming games! Futurama > Rick and Morty, Dylan reviews “Army of Darkness” to continue the spooky October theme, Our upcoming podcast drinking contest against “Roast Mortem”, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring Slayer never dancing again, Cotton-Eye Slipknot, Destroying a Target bathroom, Disturbed “Friends”, remixing a free-style rap, lil’ Trump rap, and Duke Nukem Ventrilo trolling. “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?” goes 2 rounds with a Jelly Belly review/surgery and a girl claiming to be white. A woman removes her belly button and gives it to her boyfriend,  some exquisite voicemails, and theorizing how abortions are performed in the Enterprise. We close out this week’s show with the track “Ice Man Confessions” by Emmure.

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