Episode 6: Definitely Aliens

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. We start out this week by giving an unscripted eulogy for Bread (Good riddance), A rocket launch causes social media to collectively lose it’s mind, We make preparations for the next Mercury Retrograde, Allan’s friendslist is for entertainment purposes only, Dave can’t handle David Wolfe, Tasing while driving, More details on the “Dave vs. Dylan Fitness Challenge”, The Last Jedi (Spoilers!), Dylan watched Aliens this week and he gives his review, Allan takes another online Autism test, and Asterios Kokkinos joins us this week via Skype to talk about everything he’s up to right now (skip ahead to 1:45:25 if you just want to hear the interview).

Asterios Kokkinos:
ASTERIOS-AID available at:
https://asteriosaid.bandcamp.com/ (all proceeds to go the Asterios Legal Defense fund)

Dylan’s movie homework this week: Top Gun