Episode 69: Connor’s Weak Load

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! This week is special because not only is it episode 69 but it’s also International Women’s Day, so we celebrate this SHIT out of both occasions.  It’s Dylan’s special day and he has become the new “Allan”, Dave has to cheat on Wendy, Nascar and bowling are the epitome of health and athleticism, We invent a new drinking sport for children, Pounding face into crotch, Allan tells an epic story about Dale, weed, a strip club and Mexico. Exploring the idea of a “Bush Dive”, Furries vs. Communists vs. Clowns, Scooping up an awkward boner, Our attorney ghosted us and another podcast is on the verge of death, We delve into Dave’s 23 and Me results, Would you take a dick for half a million dollars?, A “Shiver Me Tinders” with urinal shitting, What even is a Western movie?, Is Anthem a really good game?, The Crazy Cactus Beard Balm Giveaway is still happening!, Allan Avenges “Ant Man”, Matt makes a poll in our Facebook Group to see if our listeners have robust loads, “Hey Look at This!” featuring mouth full of b-b-bone, soccer bear cum, R. Kelly freaks out (with an on-the-fly Remix), An update on last week’s Aussie shit talking, A crackhead in a storm drain, Hammered Orson Welles, A cringey traffic rap, a mishap in church, and a woman’s head bounces off the ground. “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?” returns with a supercut of flex loads and a “taiyou con” rap. Finally, some robust voicemails. We close out the show this week with the track “Seventh Seal” by Filth.

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