Episode 7: Best/Worst of 2017 Featured: Top Gun

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. This week’s show is the last one of 2017! We celebrated the New Year a little early on this episode. A quick Christmas recap, VR Porn, Remembering LAN Parties, Dylan’s Top Gun movie review and we discover Days of Thunder is pretty much the same movie, More Wrestlemania negotiations, The Best and The Worst of 2017, What’s going to be good or bad in 2018, We invent Nick Staab, The location for Dylan and Dave’s Fitness Challenge has been determined, We really want a Flat-Earther on the show, Allan’s middle school book report story, and Kingman has an Illuminati headquarters. We end the show with a track off of Fifth Density’s new album.

Fifth Density:


Go see Dylan performing with Kruffix on January 6th:


Dylan’s movie homework this week: The Fifth Element