Episode 73: Libel!

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! We now officially have the largest collection of stout dicks, NFHC Enterprises needs an app developer to help create all of our ground-breaking ideas, Can you release faster than your computer boots up?, Dylan meets a real-life Flat Earther, “My Favorite Murder” is trash, The True Crime Cumcast,  “Shivers Me Tinders” with Knuckle-Deep Dylan and Taco Bell, Matching with Oozie Q on HerpChat, Allan screws up Drunken Peasants, The ramifications of sending dick pics, Matt catches Allan and Dave talking shit about him, Dude Dilly Gents, Hollywood broads ruin themselves, There’s only 2 weeks remaining in the Crazy Cactus Beard Balm giveway – Send in your submissions before it’s too late!, The state of studio snacks is poor, “Not For Human Context” is back with more puss than ever, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring Trump on windmills, A special version of “Let It Go”, Scott Stapp hitting rock bottom, Billy Corgan riding a roller coaster, A bully-beating tutorial, ASMR For White Liberals, Cringey 80’s video dating, and a little reminder about a true athlete. Finally, some rock solid voicemails. We close out this week’s show with the track “Midnight Chase” by Tokyo Rose.

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Tokyo Rose