Episode 74: Smashing Munchkins

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Three-out-of-four hosts have a robust midsection, The savagery of the NFHC Discord with testicles and cinder blocks, Overwhelming radon in the cum dungeon, Getting roasted in the Apex Legends voice chat, The glorious Soviet drums are tuned, Dave forgets what Seth McFarlane looks like, Hitler fertilized the Argentinian jungle, Dylan calls into The Dick Show and tells everyone about his package, The average dick sizes from around the world and an alternative history of World War 2, Allan is anti-Polar Bear, Tinder tour dates, 45 minutes of Paul Stanley’s stage mic, We’ll announce the Crazy Cactus Beard Balm winner NEXT WEEK!, “Not For Human Context” is back and even features a clip from Asterios Kokkinos‘ podcast, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring a pizza roll Allan vlog, A Truth commercial for weed, Patrick Stewart protecting his Lillie’s, A guy mad at his friends for going soft, Friendly fire during an orgy, and extracting demons from a woman’s box. Lastly, some incredible voicemails with some serious questions. We close out this week with the track “Drowned Beneath Fang and Scale” by Dead World Reclamation.

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Dead World Reclamation