Episode 75: The Skin That C3PO Would Wear

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Jay joins us once again as Dylan is off this week, Being full-slouch and the sweaty titty fold, Allan is still fat but is employed, Jilly Juice and other bunk psuedo-science, Rem from The Rich Dickman Show calls in to discuss the recent events of his podcast, More historical buildings need to burn so we get more free video games, Randy and Bob Fett make a movie, Jay encounters an African druglord ghost, Dave goes on a murder tour, Matt trolls Brent Spiner on Twitter, A band goes to Greenland, A Non-Host pulls off a “Full Ocho”, The Crazy Cactus Beard Balm Contest is over and the winner has been announced!, “Not For Human Context” returns and the listeners make us sound like geniuses once again, The Jaws of Life and The Porklift, Allan’s Pizza Roll shaped bath bombs, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring Vince Neil doing a Bob Dylan impression, No fat women allowed in a new game, Riker telling us we’re wrong, How to properly show off your Fedora spinning skills, A real gentleman that just wants to cuddle, Learning about the Venus Fly Trap, “The Big Bang Theory” but the laugh track is Tim Allen, and a nude big guy thrusting his bed. The triumphant return of “Wittmann Breaking News”, Matt’s dogs encounter some kittens, and finally some epic voicemails. We close out this episode with the track “Scenic Drive” by Vector Hold.

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Vector Hold

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