Episode 8: Death and Dicks

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. This week we cover the downfall of Spotify, Allan lives in the Wild West, Logan Paul and the Japanese Suicide Forest, Dylan tries to talk wrestling, “Swatting” is a huge problem, Videogame addiction is real and some of us are affected, Moving sucks, Mormons and their weak beer, Dave gives his take on Scientology, The debut of the “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?”, Alex Jones gives an odd review of Star Wars, Dylan discovers ‘the man with two penises’, No one survives in Vernon, California. We’re going to a VR Zombie Killing experience. We end the show this week with a track by ‘Vexes’ out of New Jersey called “Plasticine”.


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Dylan dropped the ball and missed his movie review this week.


The Man With Two Penesis Reddit AMA:

I am the guy with two penises. AMA. from IAmA

Special “Thanks” to The Dick Show:

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