Episode 80: Tazerwolf

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Jay’s back in the studio, Dave misses Ocho-Prime, Allan’s strip club ownership and how it’ll all pan out, NFHC in video is happening on our Youtube channel, Tending to the land with a truck and a mattress, The end of a dick pill subscription, Describing a messed up asshole, Planning “Burning Dick”, There are more lives to be saved, Salting on a beloved soft drink, Big Brother footage of a dancing Barnacle Cannon has emerged, Pocket Wolf gets “welped” out of a band, Dylan does The Rich Dickman Show and Matt leaves them a spicy voicemail, Detective Pikachu deflowers Endgame, Learning how to be hot, Being jealous of Jay’s appearance on another podcast, Taking the Odin’s Sleep, The Super Pizza Roll Championship Turbo Edition on Matt’s Twitch is upon us with Lisa from Garbage and Gold Podcast and Grant from Thought Cops Podcast,  Getting pulled over for cat calling, “Not For Human Context” is back and hotter than ever, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring a cringey dating video, Ruining car alignments, The Goofy Notebook, Mission Impossible by the balls, A post-release porn fight, A hardcore German scheisse scene (Sorry not sorry, Dylan!), A morning news slip-up, and Trolling on Terraria. Lastly, some strong voicemails. We close out the show this week with the track “See You In The Trees” by Glitbiter.

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