Episode 81: Show It To My Mouth

Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Dave is your racist grandmother, Allan has returned to his hero status, Grant from Thought Cops and Lisa from Garbage and Gold call in to to talk about the Pizza Roll Championship Turbo Edition aftermath and Allan calls into Thought Cops to do the same, Cummie Bears, Porklift botches Episode 80, Dylan makes a 19 year-old boy cry, Giving handy’s in work vans, Making deposits in the night box, Eyes redder than the devil’s dick, Dave sucks at bass, Is Star Trek: Enterprise actually good?, Matt calls into The Rich Dickman Show and gifts them a URL, Streaming porn on Twitch, Budweiser Discovery Reserve is unsurprisingly bad, “Not For Human Context” is back and it gets Dave bad, “Hey, Look at This!” featuring a song about Marvin Weinberg, Found footage of Allan’s Pizza Roll torture, Yoda says a bad thing, GTA quotes in anime, Shitting in a tissue, Eating corn on a drill goes wrong, Throwing up on Twitch, and Overdubbing anime. Matt shows Dave some shit fetish videos for science. Finally, some solid voicemails (Dylan, you’re going to die alone). We close out the show this week with the track “Streets” by Moonrunner83.

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