Episode 9: Ugantah

Not For Human Consumption: A show about everything and nothing. Dylan joins us via satellite this week from the Utah and we hear about his travels, The Fifth Element review, Allan’s going to Portland, Dave was on the local news, another installment of “What Makes Dave Mad This Week?”, VRChat and the Ugandan Knuckles invasion, Lana Del Rey vs. Radiohead, more information on the Spotify lawsuit, troubleshooting audio problems is the worst problem, Alex Jones is not bragging, Charlie Daniels hates Taco Bell, Brad’s wife deserves justice, and Wendy’s Twitter is better than the food. We finish the episode this week with a track from Holy Fawn called “Arrows”.

Holy Fawn:

Dylan’s movie homework: Total Recall (1990)

Ugandan Pastor’s presentation on homosexuality:

“Who Killed Captain Alex” Ugandan Movie:

“Ugandan Knuckles” best of:

“Ugandan Warriors” in PUBG: https://youtu.be/__XY9Q2GHJc